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Financial Planning

Are you considering future plans to build a nice house near the beach or help your son to launch a business; if so you need a solid plan in order to succeed.

Investment Strategies

We provide professional avenues for choosing offshore securities, managed discretionary and separately managed accounts for a range of scenarios.

Portfolio Management

We help you achieve your objectives by constructing, managing and reviewing a wide ranging portfolio that is fully tailored to suit your requirements.

Personalised planning

For Your Financial Goals

Your investment intentions, desires and financial requirements are just that – yours; so your financial journey should mirror that. Rather than ask you to agree to a pre-packaged investment plan, we’re here to offer you a tailored financial plan based on your objectives, your time frame and your particular tolerance for risk.

We can assist you with a dynamic combination of financial strategies, advice and solutions that match you current needs and circumstances. While you are an active investor we will always be at your side to inform and manage your portfolio to achieve your financial goals. It gives us great pleasure to see you successfully pursue and achieve your set goals.

Investments are key to being financially successful but there are other key factors. Planning from multiple vantage points to ensure there is an in-depth review and analysis of your financial position is essential. This assists you to see the big picture and allows us to customise a strategy for addressing every detail. This offers you more confidence and security moving forward.


We provide comprehensive services that cover all stages of life, from building a solid retirement to planning for your children’s schooling. Whichever your milestone, we’ll be there to assist.


Take a look at market news and trends, along with reactions from investors. View your favourite stocks and indexes to see how they are currently performing with the advanced interactive chart.

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Get in contact and inquire about opening an account by requesting an appointment to speak with an account manager. Find out if you qualify and see what we have to offer for our clients.

A Wide Variety Of Clients


Following decades of labour, you’ve reached the well-earned stretch of freedom called retirement. Now the challenge is how to make your money last through this new stage of life. Several retirees have a long and adventurous chapter in life lasting three decades, so it’s critical to consider a long and fulfilling life when you formulate the financial plans for that period. Being your investment advisor we will assist with your withdrawal strategy, so that it suits your circumstances and helps you pursue your true goals. Remember that you have a lot of time and a lot of life to see.

Business Owners

Being an entrepreneur, there are many aspects to consider: your income, your family and your retirement. Yet we do not want to neglect financial management due to being busy with day to day tasks. We carry that torch for you and help to create a tailored financial plan that is built to address your wide ranging objectives and desires, supporting both your business and personal needs. Whatever is necessary for you to achieve you goals with liquidity, tax, estate planning or the retirement years, we will be your professional trusted guide.


The assets and responsibilities you manage are significant operating as a fiduciary. Our experienced financial professionals understand the fine details and the complex nature of institutions, and have the desired skill-set and tenured experience required to undertake effective financial strategies and portfolios. The commitment we make is to create a custom investment plan aligned with your objectives, then confidently ensure it is managed effectively to enable you to meet you mission targets.

Families And Individuals

For true financial well-being, you should feel secure in where you are right now plus be equally sure of how well you’ve planned for the future. We can help you get there through tailored financial management and strategies. We partner with you to navigate your wealth journey through the day to day obstacles towards your long term objectives.

What does your financial future look like?

Our investment management team can help you visualise it. They can also help in developing a financial plan that’s created to grow with you, from preparing to send your child to college to adding a strategy for your retirement goals.

Client Feedback

There are few examples today where one can say “not only do I trust the company but I am confident that they will do the very best for me”. KLC Services is that rarity as they continue to do a great job looking after customers in the financial markets.

Mark Connor

My wife and I use KLC Services for our investment questions and needs. We have just entered the retirement time of life, which has been made secure with the guidance of their advice in recent years. I recommend KLC and have referred some of my friends.

Carol Newsome

We have been with KLC Services for some years. We enjoy the personal service and prompt response they offer. Our mind has been put at ease with investment needs and financial security. We would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for financial advice.

John Whiteman
New Zealand

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